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Important Steps to Financial Success

Our service is designed to meet the needs of individual clients, trustees, charities and companies. Coupled with our experience and insight, we use dedicated research tools in order to select and monitor our clients’ investments.

We undertake the following 5 steps:

Initial Consultation – We provide this important part of the financial planning process at our expense and offer this to new and prospective clients who are considering engaging us to help them plan more effectively. During this meeting we will broadly explore your needs and objectives and also to explain our philosophy and method of operating. Not all financial advisory firms are the same and it is important at the outset that you understand how we work, what we expect from our clients and what you can expect from us. We will outline the various services available together with the fees and costs involved.

Discovery Meeting / Factfinding – An essential element of the financial planning process will involve gathering information and analysing your personal and financial circumstances, and will allow us to understand your priorities and the time frame for results. If relevant, we will also discuss how you feel about risk.

Presenting Solutions – We will research appropriate solutions to match your stated goals and objectives based on the information you have provided. We will normally present these to you in writing and this will also involve a discussion of the topics covered at a further meeting.

Implementing Recommendations – Where necessary, we can arrange for the implementation of the agreed recommendations. We may, if necessary, serve as your coach and co-ordinate the process between you and other professionals such as solicitors, accountants and stockbrokers.

Ongoing Review – You wouldn’t expect to go to the gym once and remain healthy for a lifetime! So it is with financial planning and a common mistake is not to review what you have put in place. Often people set up financial plans with good intentions but these fail to meet their expectations due to the lack of an ongoing review against their original objectives. Ongoing advice ensure that your goals and objectives are kept in view in light of changing circumstances, the economic and political environment and change in legislation, all of which can have an impact and require a need for reappraisal of the financial plan.

If you wish to take a step in the right direction with planning your finances, please feel to call us on 01626 833225 to find out more or to arrange an initial complimentary meeting.

We can also offer telephone based support as well as more traditional face to face meetings.

Telephone 01626 833225 to find out more or to arrange an initial complimentary meeting

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